History of True the Vote

True The Vote began out of experiences during the 2008 election cycle of the Harris County, Texas Tea Party organization, King Street Patriots.

KSP gathered to get involved in the electoral process and came to realize that their county was the second largest voting block in Texas but saw a shortfall of poll workers that was staggering. This, they felt, invited fraud and other problems at the polls, problems that they wanted to help eliminate.

Then came the voter registration fraud case perpetrated by a member of ACORN brought to light by Catherine Engelbrecht. Harris County authorities found that some 23,000 voter registration forms turned in by the ACORN operative were invalid. Engelbrecht founded True The Vote to combat this fraud.

By Election Day, 2010 True The Vote had 1,000 poll workers trained and ready to observe the election process at Harris County polling stations. This learning experience set the stage for the larger effort soon to come.

Immediately after the successful operation in Harris County, True The Vote began to reach out nation wide to help citizens in other counties, in other states learn how to train poll workers to “true” the vote in their home districts.

True The Vote has developed an exportable model with which to train poll workers across the country. Teaching average, every day citizens to research the voter rolls in their home districts and to report inaccuracies to their County and State, to identify instances of vote fraud, and to be able to serve as observers at the polls to assure the integrity of the vote.

True The Vote serves grassroots leaders across the country to help them prevent coordinated attempts to subvert our electoral process.