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    25th of November 2014
  • A reminder that election integrity laws and procedures are only as effective as the people implementing them, and why observers are a key part of the election process:

    Poll workers at two Jefferson County locations on election day did not require voters to provide acceptable forms of photo identification, one of many documented mishaps identified in a state report.

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    True the Vote
    22nd of November 2014
  • True the Vote Sounds Off on Executive Amnesty Action

    Following President Obama’s announcement to unilaterally shield 5 million noncitizens from federal immigration laws requiring deportation, conversations involving unintentional (and even intentional) consequences are beginning around the country. Of particular concern for True the Vote is the challenge this federal action presents for states as they administer public assistance and resource programs – and the effect of the legitimacy of our voter rolls.

    True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht did not hold anything back in her condemnation of the action Thursday:

    “The President’s unilateral order for amnesty will force five million illegal aliens into programs and processes that heretofore were reserved for American citizens. This is a clear violation of the United States Constitution and should carry with it no protection of supremacy.  The States -- our governors and legislators -- must now act swiftly to protect and defend American citizens from the lawlessness of a dangerously deluded federal government," True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. "The first act of state sovereignty should be to preserve at all costs the integrity of our elections by securing citizen-only voter rolls.

    "Under the President’s edict, states will be forced to extend covered transactions, like issuance of driver’s licenses, to millions of new noncitizen residents.  State systems are simply not designed or intended to handle this intentional overwhelm without compromising integrity. Earlier this year we saw how North Carolina's voter rolls had been compromised due to the lax issuance of driver’s licenses which resulted in thousands of noncitizens being registered to vote - imagine that scenario playing out all over the nation.” 

    Federal law requires that states screen individuals for voter registration status when they go to get a driver’s license or other services. This executive amnesty order greatly complicates an otherwise mundane process. Now, states must be on guard to ensure that they are not screening noncitizens for voter registration status. Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 was written during a time when bureaucratic employees could typically assume that individuals seeking public services were citizens. By increasingly wider margins, that is no longer a safe assumption.

    Make no mistake - you are not powerless here. True the Vote is ready to stand with you to safeguard that state and federal laws are properly followed. It is still illegal for noncitizens to register and vote. It is imperative that we keep it that way.

    What you can do:

    • Designate members of your research team(s) to highlight all of the public services and resources available to noncitizens in your state;
    • Review procedures that public employees must follow when issuing items such as driver’s licenses, public assistance resources etc.;
    • Expose gaps in procedure and training that do not require citizenship verification, and develop solutions to resolve the problem.

    Remember, state bureaucrats are not necessarily the problem in this new era. These individuals are simply working under imperfect laws on the front lines of this challenge we’re facing. Encouraging bureaucratic rule changes and/or legislation is the way forward as we maintain a proactive posture. It is our job to demand better laws and procedures.

    We’ve just defined the next level of citizen engagement for voters’ rights. Are you in?


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    21st of November 2014

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