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Calumnies: What The Left Is Saying About Wis. Recall Petition Verification Effort

Several different left-wing political sites as well as the Democrat Party of Wisconsin are pulling out all their rhetorical tricks to cast aspersions on the recall petition signatures verification effort in an attempt to damage the legitimacy of the ...

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Former Indiana Sec. of State Faces Home Detention in Vote Fraud Case

On February 24, now former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White was sentenced to home detention despite being convicted on six felony charges, all Class D felonies. at the beginning of February White was convicted on three counts of voter fraud, ...

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Wisconsin is Just the Beginning

In an effort to oust Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (along with the Lieutenant Governor and 4 Senators) the union backed group United Wisconsin led a massive drive to fill petition pages by any means necessary, flooding Wisconsin's Government Accoun...

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Truing the Voter Rolls, Voter Integrity Project: Many States have More Voters Registered Than Voting-Age Population

True the Vote is proud to announce that it is teaming with Judicial Watch on an election integrity project to pressure the states to clean up voter registration rolls to satisfy Section 8 of the National Voting Rights Act (NVRA), a law that all too m...

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Wisc. Voter's Name Fraudulently Signed Four Times to Same Recall Petition

A self identified Wisconsin watchdog group called Citizens for Responsible Government of Racine reports that a Racine man found his name signed four separate times to the petition to recall Republican State Senator Van Wanggaard, but the voter, Jeff ...

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West Virginia Sheriff, Clerk Snared in Vote Fraud Investigation

A Lincoln County, West Virginia Sheriff and Clerk are to plead guilty to charges of vote fraud in the 2010 Democrat primary after the pair were arrested during an election fraud investigation conducted by state and federal authorities.

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