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New Yorkers Were Paid to Commit Vote Fraud

A trial has been underway for a week in an upstate New York vote fraud case that has brought to light criminal actions committed by Democrats in city government in Troy, New York that seems to go back decades. Some of the first witnesses are also cla...

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Texas AG Sues Feds Over Voter ID Law

On January 23, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott asked a federal court to clear the way for his state’s voter ID law while he awaits to hear what will happen with his demands that the Department of Justice drop its objections to the Texas law.

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“Verify the Recall” Inspires Unprecedented Recall Petition Audit Effort

Volunteer force of thousands readies to review 1,000,000+ recall signatures January 20, 2012 , Houston, TX - The integrity of Wisconsin elections is on the verge of implosion, as United Wisconsin’s coordinated effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker has p...

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Press Release : South Carolina Rally 01.20.12

HOUSTON, TX – At 8:30 AM, on Friday, January 20, TRUE THE VOTE will rally at the TD Arena (College of Charleston) 301 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC. The rally is open to fellow patriots and will highlight the injustice of the Obama administration in...

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Eighth Democrat Named in New York Vote Fraud Probe

-By Warner Todd Huston. Many anti-voter reform advocates claim that there is no such thing as voter fraud in the United States. That might be news in Rensselaer County, New York where an eighth local Democrat has been brought up on charges in connect...

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New Hampshire Shows How Easy Vote Fraud Can Be

True the Vote strongly supports enacting voter ID laws in order to prevent vote fraud. If anyone ever questions the need for such measures, consider what just happened in New Hampshire. A new investigative video by Project Veritas has shown just how ...

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