More Support for Voter ID Law in North Carolina

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Wake County Board of Commissioners recently put its stamp of approval of the North Carolina voter ID law identified as House Bill 351, the bill vetoed last year by Governor Beverly Perdue.

In a close 4-3 vote, the board passed a resolution that “respectfully endorses House Bill 351.”

The resolution states that the Wake County Board of Commissioners shows its support “for any state legislation which thoughtfully and prudently reasonably requires voter identification and which identification is readily accessible to all voters.”

The vote was a closely split decision.

After more than 30 minutes of debate, commissioners Betty Lou Ward, James West and Ervin Portman voted against the measure. Commission Chairman Paul Coble, as well as commissioners Tony Gurley, Joe Bryan, Phil Matthews voted in favor of it.

Board Chairman Paul Coble denies claims that he and those members that approved the resolution are meddling in business outside their purview.

“Absolutely not. This bears directly on county business,” Coble said.

Coble said a recent Morrisville election that turned on a handful of votes shows the importance of preventing possible voting fraud at all levels of government.

Governor Perdue vetoed the law claiming that it might “discourage voting” but more North Carolinians are lining up in support of HB 351 all the time, so it seems but a matter of time that the law or one like it make a return visit to the legislature for another try at passage.

The Wake County Board resolution raises the question if local jurisdictions might try to pass their own, local forms of a voter ID law. The NCAAP perceived such a trend and tried to head it off warning local officials not to try passing their own versions of voter ID rules.

Our government was built upon the belief that election results represent the true will of the people; our election processes were always intended to be supported by citizen volunteers. If you are one of the millions of Americans outraged by the corruption of our government, help stop the corruption where it starts – at the polls. Get involved, right here, right now. Let’s work together to true the vote in every election across our nation!