Rep. Gowdy and Sen. Graham Demand SC Voter ID Memos

Representative Trey Gowdy and Senator Lindsey Graham want the DOJ Voting Section to turn over the memos that were prepared by Chris Herren and career staff and given to Tom Perez recommending the preclearance of South Carolina Voter ID. Yesterday they sent another demand to the Justice Department to turn over the memos and work.   Justice has not denied that the memos exist because they can't. They exist, and the volume on this story isn't going to reduce.

What strange symmetry we have. But six years ago, the left wing blogospere and liberal election law academics were all aflutter about Georgia Voter ID and the dastardly actions of the Bush Justice Department. There was only one problem with that 2006 narrative - the Voting Section Chief recommended preclearance of Georgia Voter ID.

Fast forward to 2012 where the Voting Section Chief again recommended preclearance, but was overruled for real.

And it is expensive strange symmetry also. Unlike the Georgia matter, the disregard of the DOJ career recommendations in South Carolina cost millions of dollars. Small change for sure to bureaucrats, but not to members of Congress and the Senate charged with protecting South Carolina's interests. Considering that both of the members of Congress sit on key committees, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Of course we won't hear a thing from all those good folks so incensed in 2006 about career staff being overruled. The silence will be delicious.

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