HOUSTON, TX. August 13, 2012? True The Vote (TTV), a nonpartisan election integrity organization, announced its intention to help ensure the validity of Wisconsin’s votes this November.

“The recent announcement by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board regarding its ‘Back to Basics’ agenda, which disparages volunteer election observers as ‘boisterous’ and prone to intimidate, is a disturbing sign,” True The Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said. “Citizen participation in our electoral process is a vital component of our representative democracy.  It is disappointing that the GAB would use their platform to so harshly discourage citizen involvement. True The Vote takes great pride in our training program to empower citizens to serve at the polls and help ensure election integrity. Our volunteers will continue their strong track record of lawfully observing, documenting, and reporting any problems inside Wisconsin polling places. Badger State voters can rest assured that thousands of election observers will be trained and ready to participate in the upcoming elections.”

True The Vote mobilized volunteers across Wisconsin for the June 5th recall effort. Observers noted at least 79 instances of wrongdoing by election officials – spanning from procedural missteps to blatant complicity in voter fraud.

True The Vote was also alarmed by a recent uncovered admission from Racine Mayor John Dickert regarding his desire to illegally banish election observers from the polls.

“Mayor Dickert’s desire to revoke the rights of our volunteers, many of whom are retired teachers, cops and veterans – is despicable,” Engelbrecht said. “Such comments and willful lawlessness only serve to demonstrate a greater need for election observers this November.”

True The Vote offers training for citizens dedicated to ensuring that American elections remain free and fair. Educating volunteers to not only understand their rights, but the legal responsibilities of those officials sworn to execute elections, are fundamental to the instruction.


True The Vote (TTV) a nonpartisan, nonprofit grassroots organization focused on preserving election integrity is operated by citizens for citizens, to inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. TTV empowers organizations and individuals across the nation to actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation. For more information, please visit