• True the Vote’s resource center is an area dedicated to educating and informing concerned citizens about issues affecting the integrity of America’s electoral system.

  • Are you ready to become a True the Vote-trained poll watcher? There are 4 steps to get you ready for Election Day. Step 1: Watch the TTV training video. Step 2: Check your state’s poll watcher placement rule. In most cases, a pol...
  • You may have heard the term "voting record." But what is it? You may not know this, but once you've registered to vote your registration and past voting record is a public record that is available to anyone that wants to see it. T...
  • If you are sure you cannot be near your local polling place on Election Day, you may qualify to vote absentee. Absentee voting is mostly conducted before Election Day by mail, though you might also be able to turn in your absentee...
  • With Election Day nearing, an important question is when do the polling places open and how long do they stay open? This is another thing that varies slightly from county to county and state to state. Election Day itself is the Tu...

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