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Our election processes are vulnerable from beginning to end—and those vulnerabilities are being exploited by groups who subvert our elections to serve their own purposes. The best way to protect voters' rights is to equip citizens for service. That's what we do. Now, that's what you can do, too.

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In the news

Catherine on War Room
August 28, 2023
Catherine Engelbrecht was on Steve Bannon's War Room last week, talking about the latest update in the Georgia case.
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TAKE ACTION: Stop Election Fraud - Foreign and Domestic
June 7, 2023
Join us in demanding an end to foreign technological interference in US elections. We have published a petition on stopccpelectionfraud.com. By signing our petition, you are sending a clear message to our leaders that we, the people, will not stand idly by while our republic is compromised.
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True the Vote Statement on Lawsuit Settlement in League of Women Voters v. Melody Jennings and ‘Clean Elections USA’
May 20, 2023
Election integrity activist Melody Jennings today settled her dispute with the League of Women Voters of Arizona.   In settling the case, which arose out of the November 2022 general election, both parties acknowledged the importance of the critical First Amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.   “I am happy to have had […]
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