In 2009, True the Vote found its footing after we realized that we were at a crossroads, as a nation, to keep elections free and fair. After being told we were “playing at the margins” and that “process doesn’t matter,” we learned instead that process is key, and citizens are far more powerful than we really know.

This is not a game or a drill. This is real life, real liberty, and the cornerstone of all we are as a republic. The more that we move away from an election that brings Americans together to have a conversation about the direction of our country, the more that we risk losing the very thing that makes this nation special. This special thing is your ability as a citizen to have a say in our government. If you have reached a place where you want to make sure you have a say, then you need to be a part of True the Vote.


We want you to feel empowered with the election process at all points. From getting voters registered all the way, to supporting election code reforms in your state. Election integrity requires preemptive action. It is not enough to be involved on only election day. It is not enough to wonder if all votes are being properly counted or wonder what happened at the polls. Every aspect of life in America presupposes a free and fair election. It presupposes that at some point we will all have a chance to come together and decide who leads us. That is something worth saving and something worth protecting.

Election integrity requires constant engagement. True the Vote is here to help you and guide you to do exactly that: constantly engage. Every step in the elections process offers you an opportunity to have your voice heard and we want to show you how. Not just inside the voting booth, but well beyond.

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