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Citizen Video Project


52 USC 20701 requires all election officials to retain records from federal elections for 22 months from the date of the election. The requirement for the 2020 General Election expires on September 3, 2022.

True the Vote is filing Open Records Requests in 200 counties (in addition to what we have previously filed) requesting all surveillance footage from ballot dropboxes in use during the 2020 General Election. From there, and with your help, we’ll expand our efforts - more states, more counties, and more requests for more election records.

America deserves answers. Which jurisdictions have surveillance video? What does the video reveal? Which jurisdictions don’t have surveillance video? And why don’t they have it?

Here's how you can ask your county

We've contacted the following counties

A Quick How To


Pick a County

Determine which county you want to request records from and find the best point of contact in the county for receiving records requests. A good starting point is an online search using keywords that include ‘county and state name’, ‘elections’, and ‘open records’ to find a contact person or filing process. Some counties will use an online portal for records requests which may require creating an account.


Download the Orr Template

Fill in the appropriate information in the Open Records Request template, as necessary, including Date, County or Government office or official, physical address and email address to send records to, and add your name in the signature field.

Note: processes differ from state to state. This template is suitable in most instances, but not all. Adapt your approach as necessary to conform with county requirements.

Send It

Email the ORR to the county (or follow whatever instruction received from the target county). If possible, please cc If you submit the ORR via a county portal, please forward the confirmation email you receive from the county to Including True the Vote is totally optional. We ask only because it is very informative to know which counties do not have the requested information.

IMPORTANT: If you send a copy of your ORR to True the Vote via email, please make the subject line TTV Video ORR: County Name, State Name. This will help us with tracking the ORR Project as it grows.


We Can Unpack and Post

Managing the video can be a headache. We will gladly pay for, accept receipt of, and host online, the video received. It will become part of a comprehensive public video library.


If Payment Is Required

If payment is required for the video, we are happy to help defray those expenses, just let us know.


Wait for a Response

Required response timelines vary from state to state. We will always be on standby to help you should you need it.

Open Records Request Tips

  • Be specific enough that county officials know what you are seeking, but not so specific that you unintentionally miss something or give the county a reason to reject your request.
  • Be patient. You’ll find the process can be slow and sometimes require repeated communications to get movement on your request.
  • Be persistent but polite. As a citizen it is your right to request records from your government. You will occasionally have to be persistent to get the answers you are seeking.
  • If you have questions, run into problems, or want to forward county communications, please email us at with the subject line TTV Video ORR: Questions/Issues.
  1. Expanding True the Vote’s investigation
  2. Engaging citizens in the process of government accountability and transparency
  3. Empowering and equipping citizens across the country to take up the fight for accountability, transparency, and election integrity

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