News, June 2, 2020
June 2, 2020

DRAFT True the Vote Launches Action Buttons


True the Vote on Your Site
Be a part of the effort to Validate the Vote and serve voters by sharing the True the Vote Action Buttons and Logos.

True the Vote is the country’s largest voters’ rights organization formed to prevent election fraud. From the "Validate the Vote" initiative, to the Election Integrity Hotline (855-702-0702), to a partnership with the Georgia Republican Party to assist with the Senate runoff election process, True the Vote is not just committed to election integrity but championing it.

Lawmakers who are working to protect the voting franchise for their constituents aren't alone in the fight for election integrity. Now there is a way to continue to provide support and give voters a place to get answers.

Introducing: True the Vote action buttons and shareable logos.

By sharing a True the Vote action button on websites or in email, lawmakers and officials can expand how they serve the American people.

True the Vote buttons and logos can easily be embedded on a page, in a blog post or news item, or in an email. We have created them as shareable, easy-to-use graphics that feature our Validate the Vote logo and our Election Integrity Hotline number. And it's more than a message, it's functional.

Site visitors and the people who are served by the office, organization, or website featuring the action button can click on it, and immediately be taken to our nationwide or Georgia-specific Election Integrity contact and reporting form.

It's easy to use, easy to do, and is another way to demonstrate and put into action your committment to a fair and accurate process.

Simply visit our Share page and use the pre-formatted code to begin today.

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True the Vote (TTV) is an IRS-designated 501(c)3 voters' rights organization, founded to inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. TTV empowers organizations and individuals across the nation to actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation. For more information, please visit

True the Vote

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