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Fair Fight Sued Me - A Citizen’s Story
February 10, 2023
True the Vote founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, made a statement in December 2020 about Georgia voters submitting elector challenges, which was followed by Fair Fight filing a lawsuit against her, True the Vote, and the private citizens she recognized. Here’s the story of one citizen, among many, sued by Fair Fight.
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Another Whipsaw Week
August 15, 2021
It was another whipsaw week, so let's get to it. Starting with what we're doing at True the Vote: If you're a regular reader of our updates, you know we've continued to drop trace details about what we're working on, but overall have stayed very quiet.  That's been an intentional decision. We've never stopped working, […]
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True the Vote Sues Fair Fight Action Over Intimidation Tactics
January 11, 2021
True the Vote Sues Fair Fight Action Over Intimidation Tactics Counterclaims Fight Back Against Efforts to Deny Georgia Citizens’ Rights to Petition Government, Ensure Integrity ATLANTA, Georgia – True The Vote today filed a countersuit against Fair Fight Action, Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, asking the court to […]
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Catherine Engelbrecht with Fox's Shannon Bream: Georgians are Patriots
January 5, 2021
True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht appeared on Fox News on Monday to speak with anchor Shannon Bream about the Georgia special election, citizen challenges, and baseless accusations which Stacey Abrams has repeatedly made about efforts to ensure the integrity of the vote. Bream lead with a clip of Abrams, highlighting one of several smears […]
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Stacey Abrams Makes Multiple False Statements About True the Vote, CNN Does Not Question or Challenge
January 4, 2021
Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams made false claims when attacking True the Vote on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday, January 3. Those claims were not challenged or even questioned by host Jake Tapper. It is not the first time that Abrams has maligned True the Vote on CNN without being asked to […]
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True the Vote's Election Integrity Efforts Affirmed by Federal Court
January 2, 2021
True the Vote's Election Integrity Efforts Affirmed by Federal Court ATLANTA, Georgia – True the Vote’s efforts to protect election integrity in Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoff election won another federal court battle last night, with District Court Judge Steve C. Jones ruling against Fair Fight’s request to stop True the Vote’s work that simply follows […]
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