True the Vote Statement on Lawsuit Settlement in League of Women Voters v. Melody Jennings and ‘Clean Elections USA’
May 20, 2023
Election integrity activist Melody Jennings today settled her dispute with the League of Women Voters of Arizona.   In settling the case, which arose out of the November 2022 general election, both parties acknowledged the importance of the critical First Amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.   “I am happy to have had […]
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Gregg Phillips on War Room
April 21, 2023
Gregg Phillips was on Steve Bannon's War Room this morning, talking about the latest update in the Konnech case. Watch the video here:
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True The Vote Comments on Konnech's Dismissal of Defamation Litigation
April 21, 2023
HOUSTON, TX - Yesterday, Konnech dismissed all pending defamation and unlawful computer access litigation against True the Vote, Inc, Catherine Engelbrecht, and Gregg Phillips in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. The case number is 4:22-cv-03096. True the Vote issued this comment: "Konnech's litigation was meritless and intended to harass this organization. […]
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A Change in the Spring Breeze, the Beginning of the End
April 17, 2023
”We hope to take advantage of the spring breeze of political reform and provide you with election consulting services and election management in line with China's national conditions based on our democratic election activities with Chinese characteristics.” Translation from Yulian Network (Konnech, Ltd.) website founded by Yu Jianwei (于建伟), American name Eugene Yu The Konnech […]
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March 15, 2023
2023.03.14 Konnech [Dkt. 90] Motion for Appointment of Special Master
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FILED: Emergency Motion Reveals Worldwide Conspiracy in Konnech Case
February 27, 2023
On Friday, February 25th, True the Vote, Gregg Phillips, and I filed an Emergency Motion to inspect Konnech's electronic devices (specifically, items seized by Los Angeles County law enforcement during their October 2022 raid on Konnech properties in Michigan). If this is the first you’ve heard of this case, here’s more background. The complete filing is […]
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