True the Vote Statement Regarding Georgia Ballot Harvesting Investigation
January 5, 2022
I'm writing today to share a recent development that you will undoubtedly find interesting. After a year's worth of research and analysis, True the Vote submitted three official complaints to the Georgia Secretary of State's office regarding occurrences in the 2020 General and 2021 Run-off Elections. As a result, on January 3, 2022, Georgia Secretary […]
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The Breitbart Article | True the Vote Update
August 29, 2021
Earlier this week, a document I'd written regarding one of our research projects made its way into an article published by Breitbart. It is about ballot trafficking. The report is accurate. Ballot trafficking is one of three investigations undertaken by True the Vote in particular areas of interest. We have not spoken publicly of these […]
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Eyes On | The IO on Election Integrity
August 15, 2021
An article appearing in the New Yorker, written by the award-winning journalist, Jane Mayer, recently rocked the political news cycle, painting voters pushing for statewide audits as conservative rubes.  Mayer, who has done some impressive work in the past – most notably, her story, “The Secret Sharer” that documented the government’s illegal and reckless pursuit […]
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Another Whipsaw Week
August 15, 2021
It was another whipsaw week, so let's get to it. Starting with what we're doing at True the Vote: If you're a regular reader of our updates, you know we've continued to drop trace details about what we're working on, but overall have stayed very quiet.  That's been an intentional decision. We've never stopped working, […]
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Information Operations and the Fight for Election Integrity
August 1, 2021
For more than twenty years, the United States military and militaries of countries around the world have used “Information Operations” or IO’s as a way to “capture the hearts and minds” of the adversary and influence the population of a target to win the war.  From Iraq to Afghanistan to Ukraine, we do it and […]
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Eyes On | The Democrat Plan on Vote Fraud
July 2, 2021
A vote in the United States Senate to end debate on S1 failed this week on a 50-50, party-line vote.  But this is not a victory for voting integrity.  It is part of a carefully choreographed plan to federalize our elections. The key character in the drama is Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.  His […]
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Eyes On | The John Lewis Voting Rights Act
June 12, 2021
The “For the People Act”, S1, is not serious legislation, but it does have a serious purpose.  S1 is not designed to be passed.  It is designed to get another piece of legislation passed by making the other legislation look plausible and “moderate” in comparison.  That other piece of legislation is called the John Lewis […]
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Eyes On | Texas Democrats’ Walkout Will Not Stop Election Reforms
June 5, 2021
Despite the apocalyptic headlines in the mainstream media, state legislatures have not exactly been running to join the election reform bandwagon. Texas is a case in point. The bill now at issue, SB 7, is a positive but hardly ground-shaking step towards election integrity. It includes the following provisions: Requires registrars to correct voting list […]
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Eyes On | Audit Intel
May 28, 2021
On May 22nd, The Hillreported that of 3 million ballots cast in Wisconsin in the 2020 election, officials had flagged just 27 as fraudulent. This finding, The Hill believes, is supposed to be reassuring. It’s supposed to make us feel good about the whole election: “Look at this!” says the establishment, “We held a careful […]
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Eyes On | The Fake Fight Among Democrats Over S1
May 21, 2021
Two Bills. One Plan.A tremendous piece of political theater is being acted out for your benefit.  This is the latest headline in the Intercept: “Chuck Schumer Rejects Joe Manchin’s Voting Rights Strategy.”  The subhead says Schumer “continues to push the all-encompassing For the People Act, while the West-Virginia senator is narrowly focused on reauthorizing the […]
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