News, November 13, 2020
November 13, 2020

True the Vote Files Lawsuit in Georgia to Launch Investigation Into Voter Rolls; Determine the Number of Actual Illegal Votes Cast in the State


True the Vote Files Lawsuit in Georgia to Launch Investigation Into
Voter Rolls; Determine the Number of Actual Illegal Votes Cast in the State

Georgia Voters Believe There is Sufficient Suspicion of Illegal Voting, Warranting Thorough Investigation

HOUSTON, Texas – True the Vote, as part of its “Validate the Vote” initiative filed a lawsuit in Georgia on behalf of four legally registered voters in order to conduct a thorough investigation of the actual illegal votes in Georgia. The lawsuit names the members of Boards of Elections and Registrations for eight counties along with Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger as defendants.

“The election inconsistencies displayed in Georgia deserve a thorough investigation in order to ensure that the voting rights of legal voters in the Peach State are defended,” said True the Vote Founder and President Catherine Engelbrecht. “The events surrounding Georgia’s elections are a disgraceful representation of the election system in the United States. Our litigation seeks to follow the law, to find the facts, and to discover the vulnerabilities that exist in order to do a thorough investigation of voter rolls to determine if actual illegal votes were cast and to ensure fair results of the most recent presidential election.”

As a result of the credible suspicion of illegal election activity in Georgia, the lawsuit demands that election officials produce poll lists and other key information so that the voters' experts can analyze who voted, using sophisticated data analytics, to determine if actual illegal votes were cast, and how many.

The lawsuit seeks to investigate eight Georgia counties – Chatham, DeKalb, Fulton, Clayton, Gwinnett, Cobb, Richmond, and Henry. If the study of voter rolls reveals sufficient actual illegal votes that place in doubt the presidential election results, they would seek to overturn the results in the counties where that evidence exists, because those illegal votes dilute the lawful votes, which is a violation of the voting rights of Georgia's legitimate voters and a violation of the equal protection clause.

Leading True the Vote’s litigation efforts is True the Vote's General Counsel James Bopp, Jr., who played a key role in the Bush v. Gore case and successfully brought Citizens United v. FEC.

The voters represented in the litigation provide personal testimony of suspicious and possibly illegal election activity that would justify this investigation, including:

  • An absentee ballot requested and submitted in voter’s name although he voted in person and did not use an absentee ballot.
  • A voter told she had early voted when she had not done so, then given an absentee ballot to fill out and submit, but never received confirmation the issue was resolved.
  • A voter in the military who requested, but never received his absentee ballot
  • A voter whose mother received a ballot in the mail addressed to someone she knew to be deceased and who lived in Florida prior to her death.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges voting machine glitches, election officials tabulating votes in secret after telling poll watchers they were done counting ballots for the night, and evidence that some counties’ voter registration lists exceed 100 percent of the eligible voters in that county. Prior to Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger announcing a hand recount of the presidential results, Joe Biden was leading President Donald Trump by less than 13,000 votes or .2 percent of the total.

The suit requests that the Court expedite discovery of poll lists and other key information necessary to conduct the investigation and, if the investigation results in sufficient illegal votes being documented, take action before the December 8, 2020 deadline for the state to certify the results of the presidential election. The acceptance of unlawful ballots by election officials in any of these eight counties would draw into question the veracity of Biden's lead.

True the Vote has also filed litigation on behalf of voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan to conduct similar investigations and will continue pursuing all legal avenues to ensure that voters voices are heard and election inconsistencies and malfeasance are thoroughly analyzed and investigated to see if it resulted in sufficient actual illegal votes to invalidate the election.
The following is a timeline of key dates surrounding final certification of elections and vote of the Electoral College, prior to Inauguration Day:

  • Dec. 8: “Safe Harbor” – date by which states must certify results and assign electors. If an election is in dispute, state legislatures may assign electors.
  • Dec. 14: Electors meet in their states to cast votes for the president and Vice President.
  • Jan. 3: New Congress is sworn in; 117th session starts.
  • Jan. 6: Electoral votes are counted in House chamber by members of House and Senate; if neither candidate has 270 electoral college votes, the election is in dispute.
  • Jan. 20: Inauguration Day – new president takes oath of office. In a disputed election, the House will appoint the president and Senate will choose the Vice President.

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True the Vote (TTV) is an IRS-designated 501(c)3 voters' rights organization, founded to inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. TTV empowers organizations and individuals across the nation to actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation. For more information, please visit

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